The most basic of truths.


     After years and years of education from preschool, to elementary; middle, to high school and beyond, concepts and ideas stacked upon previous concepts and ideas and formulas… I still forget the basics. I know the equation of the lengths of the sides of a right triangle is a squared plus b squared equals c squared. I know the area of a circle is pi r squared. I know these things, yet still I get tripped up with a simple problem like 8 times 7.

The same is true of my spiritual life. I yearn to grow in knowledge and in spirit of my Lord and I study hermeneutics and eschatology and the difficulty things thereof. I have noticed that as I do grow in knowledge that I tend to rely on my knowledge of Him and of His Word instead of just Him Himself. To let Him guide me, not what I know of Him. So I must remind myself of such simple truths often, and I remind you as well, like the most basic, yet profound, truth there is. Jesus loves me! Jesus loves you!

     The actual fact that Jesus loves you and me deeply and intimately is the absolute most life-changing truth there is to know, unfortunately one of the easiest to ignore our forget. Jesus loves you so much He died for you even if there were no others to be saved. He still would have died for you alone. How amazing is His love! Let’s live today in Him aware of His unchanging eternal love for us and share with others what He has done for us.

     Remember, because God IS love and is infinite, He can infinitely full us with His love. Amen!


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  1. Excellent reminder of the “k.i.s.s.” principal. 🙂


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